OUR team

Starting as a group of friends in a garage investing in gaming teams worldwide such as OpTic Gaming and XERXIA, we have since began developing tools to improve the Linux Mint and Ubuntu distributions OS and software to better improve the efficiency of CRM portals.

Jack Blevins CEO

Grown up in the city of Toronto, Jack represents the growth of what is now known as IT Cellular. First beginning in the mobile industry, he built his own company to develop new strategies for companies to enhance their software and operations management through technology.

Matt Callighan Recruitment Director

A highly diligent and cooperative character, Matt is the reason our talent reigns true to our name. He only hires the best of the best, and can't say yes to mediocrity. Every employee of IT Cellular was and is carefully considered to meet the needs of our projects.

Jeremy Reacher Dev-ops Director

Jeremy always works towards building a better future for IT Cellular through technology. His brute force diligence along with his swagger of an attitude, he gets the job done with precision and attention to detail.